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“Elaura is a bright, engaging and dedicated individual… She has had a chance to experience a range of classes, both practical and theoretical, in the communications area.” – Dr. Kim Sheehan, University of Oregon

“Her work ethic is outstanding; she has been the most reliable, organized and self-motivated research assistant I have worked with. In addition, her interest in advertising and media is constantly evident, as she is always knowledgeable about current media events, both big and small.”
 Randall Livingstone, doctoral student at the University of Oregon, research assistant supervisor


“Elaura’s people skills are highly developed, something that enables her to engage in positive interactions with people from all walks of life. Personable, persuasive, accessible and what more she has an impeccable sense of style!” – Paul Bessemer, supervisor at Oregon Hillel, Eugene, Oregon  


“Elaura demonstrated her strong communication ability, organizational skills and an aptitude for strategic brand management.” – Annora Dickey, Northwest Natural Products, Vancouver, Washington